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How to get started with laravel wink for creating a blog

There are a number of options available for purpose of blog creation but if you are a developer non of them are as satisfying as laravel wink. It not only comes with a straight forward deployment but also the UI implementation for the blog is super easy (we will discuss it in our next article).

In this article we will discuss how to get started with wink for blog creation.

Step One

Since wink is a laravel package its but obvious first we have to install laravel. You can follow the official installation guide for the same

Step Two

Ones we have laravel all setup and running wink is installed as all the other laravel packages

composer require themsaid/wink
php artisan wink:install
php artisan storage:link

Ones this is done, we have to set up the Database. Configure the database connection in config/wink.php.

use "mysql" if you want the use the default DB connection else you can make a different one as per the requirement. After this run the following commands

php artisan config:cache
php artisan wink:migrate

and that it, you are good to go.

Head to "your-project.test/wink/login" and use the provided email and password to log in.

Although there is not much left for the setup part but here is the source of wink GitHub.


as in each update there might be a chance DB is changes so make sure to run these two commands too.

php artisan wink:migrate
php artisan vendor:publish --tag=wink-assets --force

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