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Cristeena Documentation

Table Of Content

  1. Installation
  2. Configuration

Hello there, this is the official explanation documentation for project cristeena. In here we will discuss all the aspects for cristeena and how it can be used at her best for the development of the web application.


Installing cristeena is straight forward, there are two approaches to do that. Mentioned as follows.

  • Cloning the Repository
  • Composer Based ( Recommended )

you can go for the way you suite most comfortable with but I personally recommend the “composer based approach”.


you can simply clone the repository by the following command followed by the composer command for the dependencies installation.

Execute the following commands one by one.

git clone https://github.com/samgan-khan/cristeena.git
cd cristeena
composer install


Through compose everything can be done in one go

composer create-project --prefer-dist samgan-khan/cristeena

In case you want to use a custom app directory name (e.g. /myapp/):

composer create-project --prefer-dist samgan-khan/cristeena myapp

Once you are done with either, for starting the server you can execute the following command. You can also run the set up like any other site on apache but its my personal choice to run on the inbuild server of cakePHP

bin/cake server -p 8765

Then visit http://localhost:8765 to see the welcome page.


configurations in cristeena is next to null, all you have to do in change the .default files to there original form.

Rename the following files

  • .env.default to .env (environment file)
  • app.default.php to app.php ( if not done already )

Once you are done renaming fill the asked requirements in the .env file and you are done with the configurations.


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