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create-express-boilerplate to create new API projects in a secs

Initiating a new project is as exciting as frustrating. Going through all the routine work just to get the basic engine started, yaa I know the pain.

create-express-boilerplate to Rescue

I along with the tremendous help of huda worked out the solution for you, in the form of create-express-boilerplate. It includes

  1. Entire expressjs setup
  2. Validation Integration with express-validator
  3. Directory setups to provide you with less headache for where goes what
  4. MVC architecture
  5. DB support for both
  6. Sequelize (MySQL and SQLite)
  7. Mongoose (mongoDB)
  8. Integrated JEST test Suite
  9. Both Vanilla JS and Typescript support
  10. Husky Support for pre-commit hooks
  11. Great amount of inbuild helper functions

And many more to come..

you can install the setup by running

npx create-express-boilerplate

you can have complete Documentation Here

feel free to provide us with your review and feedback in the form of comments or issues on github. All your contributions are cardinally welcome.


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