Hi, I am Samgan, I know the adds are bit annoying but i hope you understand. Talking about me, I excel at solving complex problems involving logic and step by step breakdown of the problem. Besides, to develop complex algorithms, I specialize in problem framing, systems design, and product development strategy. Sometimes I also enjoy public speaking. 

April 27, 2019

#cli #git #vcs

How to delete all the local branches but master

In the field development the count of branches reach form 1 to 40 50 in like no time. and most of then are of no use ones merged into the master. Its better to get rid of them but deleting them is a major pain in the ass.

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April 22, 2019

#javascript #validation #security

Client-side validation before uploading an excel file

Validation is one of the major parts of web development. But sometimes it can be a ball buster especially when it comes to validating file uploads.

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How to format file in PhpStorm
March 12, 2019

#php #ide #phpstorm

How to format file in PhpStorm

If you are habitual of writing a formatted code don’t worry it’s a good habit but when sometimes you get to debug files which are not formatted what so ever. In that case, it’s a headache to get things done in that sort of files.

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February 20, 2019

#hosting #deployment #cpanel #php

Steps to make your PHP application live in Cpanel (shared hosting)

Making an application live majorly depends on the type of hosting you are having along with the method to access you are provided for that hosting.

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December 20, 2018

#functionality #log #cakephp #php

How to make log daily in CakePHP 3.x

As you may know according to the default configuration of CakePHP the debug and error log is generated in the same file. But this can be changed in a few simple steps

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November 15, 2018

#sql injection #php #mysql #security

How to Sanitize Input in PHP

The inputs in Core PHP are venerable to what you call “SQL Injection”, to before putting them to use it’s a mandatory practice to sanitize them

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How to add remote DB in phpmyadmin
October 19, 2018

#phpmyadmin #mysql

How to add remote DB in phpmyadmin

There are a number of MySQL client but so far phpmyadmin is one of the popular MySQL client used. It's simple to use, effective and provide almost all the required features for day to day development.

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September 14, 2018

#functionality #authentication #cakephp #php

Auto login in CakePHP 3.x

Although the authentication component of CakePHP 3 has made the life of a developer much easier but still there are some functionalities that are still needed to be done manually. One of them is login automatically if the users have checked for 'remember me'.

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